Terms & Conditions

What You Can Expect From Your Initial Consultation With Sophie Jane Miller

Your initial consultation will consist of an assessment, the purpose of an assessment is to build up an accurate picture of your needs in order to decide whether Mindfulness based Cognitive Therapy is an appropriate treatment plan for you at the time of initial consultation. 

Fees And Charges With Sophie Jane Miller


Sophie Jane Miller accepts patients that are self-paying only. Currently mindfulness teaching is not covered by most healthcare insurance plans.

The cost of an initial consultation is £100.00 and will last for approximately one hour.

Subsequently there are two methods of learning MBCT with Sophie Jane Miller:

  • As a one-to-one discussion over 8 weeks (or other period to be discussed) in hourly appointments costing £100 each
  • As part of a closed group of participants over an 8-week period of two-hour long appointments costing a total of £350 on dates to be supplied

If you are paying for a young person (under 25) to receive teaching in Mindfulness or are reviewing the 8-week course (whether or not first taught by Sophie Jane Miller), a discount is available on these prices, as agreed at the time of booking by Sophie Jane Miller only.

Clients wishing to trouble shoot problems with their existing mindfulness practice will be charged at one-to-one appointment rates.

Your consultation fee should be paid on day of your appointment by bank transfer to the account details supplied by Sophie Jane Miller.

Please be aware that it will be your responsibility to settle any unpaid fees with Sophie Jane Miller.

Please be aware that Sophie Jane Miller reserves the right to change and increase her consultation fees at any time, without any given notice.  All consultations will be at the current rates applicable on the date of the appointment. 

Lateness Policy

All of our in-clinic appointments with Sophie Jane Miller are booked by fixed hourly time slots. We do understand that on occasion patients may be late for an appointment, however it will be your responsibility to contact us to inform us if you are unable to meet your appointment time by telephone: 0777 564 5628.

It will be under your discretion whether you wish to still attend the appointment, however there will be no adjustments made to the appointment time. If you do wish to attend your appointment, your appointment will finish at the time it was originally booked for. As we run a highly busy clinic, this leaves us with very little room to accommodate late comers. We respect that each patient has pre-booked their appointment to see Sophie Jane Miller for a specific time and therefore do our absolute best in ensuring we are punctual and meeting the expectations of our patients.

Please also be aware that if you wish to attend the shorter appointment due to lateness, you will still be charged for the full appointment time.

Sophie Jane Miller makes every effort to be punctual with individual appointment times, but on occasion may be delayed in a consultation. If this does occur prior to your appointment, we take responsibility for this and will ensure you will get your full appointment time, however if you leave before 30 minutes of waiting the full consultation charge will be payable by you.

Telephone Enquiries

In some cases, patients may want to consult with Sophie Jane Miller by telephone to discuss treatment plans, a change in circumstances, or any other health related queries that may arise. Due to our appointment structure with inpatients that have already pre-booked their appointments, it is not usually possible for Sophie Jane Miller to take telephone queries at the time you call.

All telephone queries are subject to availability.

In a case of an emergency or a serious medical matter that requires urgent medical attention please contact emergency services on 111 or 999.

Email Enquiries

We do understand that for the majority of clients, emailing may be the most convenient method of communication to use when attempting to contact Sophie Jane Miller. 

Please be aware that emails are not a completely secure method of communication and we recommend that you refrain from disclosing any sensitive or confidential information through email.

Should you choose to email Sophie Jane Miller directly, we cannot be held responsible for what you choose to include in your email or any problems you experience with your email system.

Please note that Sophie Jane Miller is not permitted to give you access to any personal email addresses(s) unless she chooses to do so with permission of the third party concerned.

All contact should be made to sophie@solephilosophy.co.uk 

Sophie Jane Miller may not always be able to review and respond to any emails prior to consultation and we are unable to provide set response times due to the demands of the clinic.

Data Protection For Clients Of Sophie Jane Miller


The database which Sophie Jane Miller uses to register and hold secure patient information is called Cliniko which is an encrypted site based in Australia. This means that your data will be kept securely and is encrypted in Australia by Cliniko. Please see


Upon registration with Sophie Jane Miller, we will keep a record of medical and non-medical personal details for your record such as; your name, address, date of birth, telephone(s), email address(s).

Please note that clients of other practitioners working from the Orchard Clinic or at 30 Weymouth Street may decide to hold different details on their records, which are not accessible to staff or other practitioners of the Orchard Clinic or 30 Weymouth Street.

Any clinical data stored on our secure database can be accessed only by Sophie Jane Miller.

In some cases patients may be seeing more than one therapist or clinician and may want to share details of their sessions with any of the other practitioners who are dealing with their care. Patients have the right to request that we share your details with another practitioner, however we follow strict guidelines when sharing information and can only fulfil this request with written and signed confirmation from the patients themselves, clearly stating their consent.


Sophie Jane Miller is primarily responsible for booking in patients and will predominately be your main point of contact.

Please note that all new patients who have booked in their initial consultation will receive an appointment confirmation letter with details of our address, practitioner, date and time, new patient documents and a summary of some of our policies.

The Right To Be Forgotten

Under Article 17 of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), as enacted and varied from time to time under English law, it is an individual’s right to have their personal data erased on specific request. The right to erasure is also known as ‘the right to be forgotten’.  Please be aware that this right is not absolute and only applies in certain circumstances. There is a strong presumption that as secure personal medical records the Orchard Clinic will maintain its records for you in archive rather than be deleted in its entirety. In order to gain an understanding of your rights in more depth you can visit:


Please be aware that if you have not attended or communicated with Sophie Jane Miller, over the period of two calendar years it will be assumed that you have been discharged from our services. Although we are unable to delete any personal medical clinical records, patients that have not been seen for over two calendar years since their last appointment with Sophie Jane Miller will be automatically archived on the Cliniko database. Should you wish to resume treatment at any time, we are still able to restore and have access to your files.

Information Requests

Under the practice of the GDPR, individuals have the right to obtain access to their personal clinical information. Sophie Jane Miller can arrange to provide copies of documents held electronically free charge for you. Please be aware that in line with the practice of the GDPR we are still entitled to charge reasonable administrative-cost fee if further copies are requested for any data that is ‘manifestly unfounded or excessive’.

These terms and conditions were adopted by Sophie Jane Miller as of 1 May 2018.  They were last reviewed on 1 May 2018.